Meteor Apocalypse Friday

I can never spell apocalypse. I always have to depend heavily on spell check, because I’ll throw in an extra ‘o’ or a superfluous ‘u’, just to British things up.

So, I’m not saying that I LIKE the fact that a meteor exploded in the Earth’s atmosphere over a Russian city yesterday, shaking buildings and shattering windows, but considering that another meteor is due to coast through the skies over the US of A today, I figured we should all know what to look out for.

I was rather surprised that most of the cars didn’t pull over… if that happened in Springfield, the big news would be the 600 car crashes that happened during the event, due to drivers panicking, throwing their hands in the air, and screaming “I’M NOT READY!!!”

I’m also rather surprised at the number of dashboard cameras.
Can I have a dashboard cam?
Not that I’ll need it, after the meteor arrives, and incinerates all life…


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