Weeping Angel Friday

I like this SO much that I simply couldn’t possibly like anything else right now.
This takes the cake.
Do you have children?
Do your children love Doctor Who?
Why not?! What’s your deal?!

Never mind buying all those Furbies and Barbies and other things that pre-adults play with… your child needs one of these:


Thanks to Lanikins and Nerd Approved, you can begin furnishing your nest with things that will probably give your children horrible, blistering nightmares for the first few years of life , but that they’ll grow to love out of sheer self-preservation.


And this lovely Weeping Angel doll isn’t just for girls… no, sir.
Any lad wearing a sprig of celery in his lapel will appreciate catching sight of this lifesize beauty (who’s just waiting for him to close his eyes again) in the middle of the night.


Laying aside all facetiousness, I love this doll more than I love shrimp cocktails (one step above Zebra Cakes, two steps below sushi), but I could never buy it for the child that I don’t have. That would be the equivalent of my mother buying me a huge plush Triffid doll when I was six.
Sure, Triffids and I are on the best of terms now, but I would have had a psychotic break if  every time I had a nightmare about them, I woke up to find one lurking silently over my bed.


However, if anyone would like to surprise me (as an adult who only has nightmares about clowns and people she knows now) for St. Patrick’s Day, that would be perfectly acceptable.
Is anyone making an adult-sized DW Snowman plush?
I’d love to hide it in someone’s closet.


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