“Merry Spring” Friday

Wednesday was the first day of spring, right?
This explains the snow storm we had yesterday…

1) The Lizzie Bennet Diaries – Ep. 98
‘Twas the SQUEE heard ’round the world, folks.
We’ve been waiting for a YEAR, but this video proves that everything is WAY better when it marinates.
There’s a point in the video when Lizzie says, “You just have impeccable… timing.”
No matter how many times I watch, I end up filling in that little pause with “Skin. No, fashion sense. NO, EYEBROWS! IMPECCABLE EYEBROWS!!!!”

I frequently hear (and have never answered) the question, “Why do women like Darcy so much?”
I would never presume to speak for females as a whole, but I think what so fascinating about Darcy is his courage.
Never mind the barrels o’ money or, in Daniel Vincent Gordh’s case, that majestically imposing facial bone structure.
The character of Darcy commits on a level that just doesn’t make sense to us in the modern day. He commits to a woman who completely despises him for a generous portion of the book. He, quite frankly, behaved like a bit of a prat at the beginning, and deserved to be put sharply in his place, but his feelings for Elizabeth didn’t change based on her opinion of him. He loved her all the way through to the end. A reader is left with the impression that he would always have loved her, even if she had rejected him again… not in an unhealthy “Fatal Attraction” way, but quietly, making no demands, living alone with that love forever.
It could be said that loving someone that much takes as much courage as staring down bullets or running into burning buildings.

There’s something to that… to think that I could behave like an idiot and still be loved, all the way through. There’s something in the idea that a man would deliberately pursue me, even though he’s stiff and occasionally rude and awkward about it. We place so much emphasis on knowing precisely what to say and exactly how, with sparkling wit and boundless charm, when I think I would rather just hear the unvarnished truth, even if it’s poorly executed. There’s even something in the idea of being quietly cherished by someone who would allow me to make my own choice in the matter, who wouldn’t push or insist.

I don’t think we honor men enough when they pursue, are rejected, and respond with grace… it takes an incredible amount of courage to ask, and an incredible amount strength to be a gentleman when things don’t work out.

2) Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere
I’ve said it before and I’ll undoubtedly say it again (because I do tend to repeat myself ad nauseum): BBC RADIO.
I’ve said this before, and I’ll chant this incessantly until the day I die: NEIL GAIMAN’S NEVERWHERE.
James McAvoy voices the gentle, perpetually put-upon Richard (whose good nature and compassionate heart result in his life being shredded at the beginning), the beautiful Natalie Dormer is the Lady Door, and Benedict Cumberbatch is an angel, because… well, yeah. Of course he is.
I mean, if you’re casting an angel, why look further afield?
Oh, and the angel sings.
The sixth and final episode will broadcast tomorrow, but we all have a year to listen to all six episodes, so you have absolutely no excuse for not catching up.

3) The Bible Miniseries
Okay, Christians, DON’T COMPLAIN. You just can’t please some people. Episode two (Samson and David) was far and away my favorite, but episode three (Daniel, Mary/Joseph, and Jesus) definitely had some splendid moments… they were all named “Daniel.”
Moments to Discuss Amongst Yourselves:
Can we talk about Joseph’s casting the eye at Mary during synagogue?!
Honestly, I thought they were adorable (like baby hedgehogs or baby sloths or baby seals).
Also, let’s talk about Joseph’s complete lack of facial hair.
He was Schick razor smooth the entire time, which did raise the question of whether or not the actor wasn’t actually old enough to grow a beard.
I mean, that’s possible, right? Some people don’t have to shave until they’re thirty, right?
He didn’t have to have a full-on Santa beard to play Joseph, I guess, and the baby-facedness didn’t bother me.
It made me chuckle, but I wasn’t bovvered.

I did enjoy Diogo Morgado’s portrayal of Jesus, and no, Satan (played by Mohamen Mehdi Ouazanni) did not look a thing like the President.

Sidebar: Can we stop taking cheap shots at the man, please? It’s fine if you didn’t vote for him (I didn’t), you don’t have to agree with his policies (I don’t), but I will rapidly lose respect for anyone who chooses to persecute those they disagree with in such a fashion.

Episode four (preview below) airs on Sunday, 7pm CST on the History Channel, and none of my friends can watch/ are watching, and I feel adrift and alone.

Stop making me feel adrift.


5 thoughts on ““Merry Spring” Friday

  1. It’s all your fault I’ve been watching the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Just started a month or two ago, so I watched about 60 episodes in about three days. But I have not seen that one yet.
    And I’ve also just started both reading Neverwhere and listening to it. Also watched the snippets of the TV series that I could find on YouTube. We likess it, precious.


    1. Regarding the Lizzie Bennet Diaries: YOU’RE WELCOME, and thanks to their successful Kickstarter project, I’ll be adding them to my annual Pride and Prejudice marathon. I may have to take two days of vacation to watch everything, but one must commit.

      I have “Neverwhere” on hold at the library, and I’m toying with ideas of buying both the miniseries and a cat named Islington.


      1. You should buy a cat named Islington.
        Benedict Cumberbatch literally gave me chills during one of his scenes. One can see why he is playing Smaug. He needs to play Aslan.


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