“Good Friday” Friday

Is it me, or is it chronically rainy and overcast on Good Friday (at least in Missouri)? Every year, the place is lousy with rain, which always gives way to sunshine and sparkles and delicious lunches (9 Easters out of 10).

1) The conclusion of the Bible miniseries will be aired in Easter Sunday.
Makes sense, no?

I won’t lie to you, this one is going to be super hard for me. I find the Crucifixion to be particularly painful to watch (I’m not sure that anyone really enjoys it), and being rather a stoic creature, I hate crying. The end of story makes up for everything, and we do get to meet the infamous Paul a bit later on, so I shall soldier on.

2) The Master.
Some weird guy wearing sweat pants, a poncho, and a fish helmet.
The Doctor stoically walking into a mine field and flinging himself on top of barbed wire so that his itty bitty companion could scramble over (think Sir Walter Raleigh style, but using an entire body instead of a coat [yes, I know it’s a myth]).
Truly brilliant.

BBC America is airing it’s special on the Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee – one of my six favorites) on March 31st, so there’s a veritable glut of Doctor Who happening this weekend.
The Third Doctor is my second favorite (coming in hard on the heels of Tom Baker… I know it’s a cliche), becaue he’s smooth, authoritative, snappily dressed, and only too eager to throw a punch or karate chop (Venusian Judo, anyone?).

3) Clara Oswin Oswald.
The Eleventh Doctor’s lovely purple coat ( I am an absolute sucker for a good frock coat).
A confirmation that the internet will eventually kill us.
Tomorrow is the premiere, ya’ll, and my best friend didn’t know this until yesterday.
She told me that she has a life (A LIFE!! I mean, REALLY)… I think it’s more a question of PRIORITIES!!!
Below is not a trailer, but an segment on BBC America in which Jenna-Louise Coleman interviews Matt Smith, and this video stands as my primary reason for thinking that these two people together are cuter than a bathtub full of wet pug puppies.
Notice that I said the tub is full of puppies and not water. Very little water in the tub… you don’t want to drown them.

4) This little guy.

I have a worry…
When Matt Smith is 50 years old, will we all still be looking at him and saying silly things like, “Aren’t you adorable, with your new coat and your hair and your silly chin?! LOOK AT YOU!!”
I’m not saying that he’s a man-baby, but there’s an uncomfortable amount of cooing that goes on where he’s concerned.


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