“The Bletchley Circle” – Taking Applications

It’s now official… “Mr. Selfridge” is getting in the way of my PBS viewing.
Despite a valiant thirteen minute attempt on my part, I just can’t get into that show, and it’s putting me off my feed.
After “Call the Midwife”, I have to go find something else to do for an hour before I can settle back in for The Bletchley Circle .
It’s most inconvenient.
Perhaps we could skip the remaining episodes of “Mr. Selfridge” and have a Midwife/ Bletchley crossover… Jessica Raine officially proved on Saturday’s episode of “Doctor Who” that she’d be an interesting addition to a crime fighting team, and every group needs a psychic midwife, says I.
They could even adopt Dougray Scott as their resident Irregular/Triffid slayer/eye candy (necessary).

Do you ever see, read, or hear a character and think, “This person stands as irrefutable proof that I am just not smart enough?”
Maybe that’s just me… but I spent a hour last night thinking about how cool (and short, probably) my life would be if I was as brilliant as “Susan” on Bletchley.  I could run around motivating my friends to catch killers, and then head home to beat the stuffing out of a nice relaxing crossword.

I suppose that catching a serial murderer is not something you and the girls do after a pleasant tea house lunch on a Saturday afternoon, but that could simply be because I haven’t tried it.
I really have no evidence to the contrary (unless I pay attention to all of those crime shows on Investigative Discovery).
What say we, ladies? Should we take a whack at it this weekend?
It would be best to start with a cold case, I think… hone the old instruments before interfering in an official investigation, and we may want to wait until we hear back from Dougray Scott.
Because… you know… Baker Street Irregular.
And Triffids.


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