Rain Boots and Space Heaters Friday

Rain Boots and Space Heaters Friday

Okay, seriously, WordPress, sometimes your formatting BITES.
I can’t fix it, so we’ll soldier on, but… bad form, WordPress.

1) I will not move to Mars.
Look, I saw “Red Planet” and “Angry Planet” and “Planet of Angry Space Bears”… when the apocalypse comes, I’ll be sitting right here in the pumpkin patch with a package of Grandma’s Cookies, waiting for the Doctor to come and get me, regardless of whether or not they’ve discovered other habitable planets.
I’m not going to get my face chewed off by giant slugs or have my body explode in a shower of sparks like that one stupid guy on “Missile to the Moon”…

Kepler mission makes big splash with possibly habitable super-Earths

We all know how I feel about Mary Russell… and Holmes… and Laurie R. King, so I was over the proverbial moon when I learned that the there was a radio play based on The Beekeeper’s Apprentice. You only have a few hours left to listen to Part 1, so you’ll have to be quick; however, if you miss it, I would still think any fans of the book series would be glad to listen to the rest.
Now, it’s not as tightly crafted as the book, and every time Mary screamed (which happened more often than you might think), I turned the program off and went for a five minute break, or drink of water, or sandwich (screaming gets on my nerves)… but considering that it’s a radio program, some strokes would naturally have to be rather broad, and I greatly enjoyed the program anyway.
I’ll confess that when I read “Musketeers”, my brain automatically translates that word to “Mouseketeers” (Annette Funicello… *tear*). My imagining classic characteers in Mickey Mouse hats in no way affects my anticipation for the “The Musketeers”, which will be premiering on BBC America in 2014.
Always something to look forward to…
I’m usually disappointed with any “D’Artagnan” that is not portrayed by Gene Kelly, but let’s see what the new kid can do.
4) The Fourth Doctor!
I have to confess that the Fourth Doctor will always be Puddleglum to me, after being thoroughly indoctrinated in all that is Narnia as a child, but with the teeth and the great height and the powerful voice, it turns out that Puddleglum makes a fantastic Doctor, as well.
Tom Baker alternates between being my favorite and second favorite doctor (depending on whether I’m watching something with Third Doctor in it) but he’s definitely at the top of my list, partly because his relationship with Sarah Jane solidified her place as my favorite companion OF ALL TIME.
Now that we’re approaching the fiftieth, thinking of her recent death has actually become surprisingly painful.
BBC America’s special on the Fourth Doctor will be airing this Sunday at 7pm (CST), followed by “The Pyramids of Mars.”
Ancient Egyptians, mummies, and THE ULTIMATE COMPANION Sarah Jane wearing a huge gown and holding a rifle… you can’t beat that with a stick.
5) Defiance
SyFy’s newest original series is intriguing, and absorbing, and I would ordinarily give me a wholehearted “I hope you don’t get canceled” stamp of approval… except for one thing.
Nevermind the made-up swear words (you just KNOW you’re going to be hearing people scream out alien curses while driving… it’s like “Battlestar Galactica” all over again), and the violence (which is comparable to what’s usually on television now, so use your own measuring stick). What’s keeping me wary are the scenes of almost-but-not-quite nudity… at 8pm… when there are still a great number of children still conscious and moving about.
I don’t want to see it as an adult, really.
I like the storyline, I love the characters, I LOVE the actors involves…  but if I have to roll my eyes away for entire scenes during every episode because there’s a lady person with tiny alien beads covering lady things, I don’t plan to keep watching.
There was a “love” (I’m being quite generous here) scene in the premiere that was very uncomfortable, and I’m not a fan of the town having a brothel. It’s a sensitive spot for me, and probably for several people who are familiar with sex trafficking issues.
I suppose what I’m saying is that I would love the show if I wasn’t somewhat on edge about being flashed at any moment.

2 thoughts on “Rain Boots and Space Heaters Friday

    1. Well, if you can drop everything, you still have 8 hours to listen to part one… so when I said “a few”, I suppose I meant, “several”…


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