Coated in Sleet Friday

Well, it’s May… and it’s sleeting.
The whole country is laughing at us right now.
My primary beef with the weather is that it’s sleet (rather than snow) and I had to go outside… and drive… in the sleet… with Springfieldians.
Seeing as how I’ll be in New York City next week, I took the liberty of taking the Big Apple’s temperature, and it’s around 60 degrees right now.
The world is upside down.

Before I get into this, I should probably issue a little disclaimer: I like to travel, and I’m grateful for a job that allows me to the opportunity to travel.
The weird thing is that I don’t have a burning desire to SEE ALL THE THINGS which, I suppose, makes me a bit of a pleb. I love the idea of sightseeing in London or Edinburgh or Bucharest, but I’m not going to those places next week. I’m going to New York… where the Statue of Liberty turns into a Weeping Angel when you’re not looking. From what I’ve heard about New York, it’s also quite crowded, and there’s a constant, tangible hum of ENERGY (like the air is made out of Red Bull).
So… I have a worry.

I am an introvert (as we’ve previously discussed), and I function on a decent level when I have a certain amount of alone time and mental space… so I’m mildly concerned that I won’t have the opportunity to recharge because I’ll be in New York, and everyone will expect me to be awash in girlish excitement the moment we land.
I love airplanes (I stare out the window and clap like an organ grinder’s monkey during takeoff)… I love a good hotel (with room service and a sushi bar, yes?)… I wouldn’t mind walking around Times Square (with someone who knows what they’re doing… not by myself, thanks), but… I’m normally pretty quiet.
I shriek, but not often, and usually only in print.
I’m not a fan of crowds, or being touching/ approached by strangers.
My face does not often register great enthusiasm… more than likely, I’ll stand there, staring at a great piece of architecture, simply smiling and saying, “How lovely.”
Notice the lack of exclamation point… this does not mean that I’m fibbing, it means that there was no surge of emotion or adrenaline or whatever it is that triggers exclamation points.
After a few hours (in a new city, surrounded by people) I will probably want to go back to the hotel.

I’m sorry… that’s just how I roll.

I suppose, even after this great discovery that the world contains introverts and I am one of them, I am still concerned that I will be misunderstood.
As I will be rather out of pocket next Wednesday and Friday, I’m planning to just post the occasional picture (if I have a good one… if I remember).


4 thoughts on “Coated in Sleet Friday

  1. Make sure to take a picture of the giant Weeping Angel. If you have time you could track down the different filming locations for The Angels Take Manhattan, then you could squee at a rock and confuse people about why a rock excites you but Broadway doesn’t.


    1. I just found out that Arthur Darvill may be somewhere in the Broadway vicinity next week, so I could just loiter outside that particular theater whenever I have free time…


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