Women That are Awesome: Katharine Hepburn

As I’ve been thinking recently about women’s issues, I’ve decided to showcase a few of the women that have impacted my developing sense of femininity, which sounds quite pompous, and for that I apologize.
I’ve been looking around at the women who currently serve as role models for the next generation, and there has been a shift in what qualities should emulated.
While this morning’s lack of a good breakfast has me raring to shred the state of things and bemoan the challenges today’s future women face, I think we’ve all had enough negativity on the subject for now.
Let’s, instead, take a look at the old standards.

There was something about Katharine Hepburn that just about killed me every time I saw her.
In my youth, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it… although beautiful, she wasn’t the most beautiful… she didn’t wear the clothes, she didn’t do the hair, and she had this curious little voice that sounded like a mix between your grandmother and Kate Jackson.
All I knew was that I absolutely loved her.

Now that I’m adult, I still love her (and don’t start talking about her personal life, views on politics, or statements on religion, please… you can objectively love someone without constantly agreeing with them). Katharine Hepburn always seemed to be this glowing bastion of strength and personality. Even when she was wrong, she was wrong with all of her considerable might. She had this way of looking directly at (and through) a person that looking away from her just seemed like a waste.

While watching her, I picked up this sense of dignified passion… of knowing precisely who you are, having a good idea of what you want and pursuing it, iron hand in velvet glove. She was never a battering ram. She would simply, with eyes and pants and curious voice, lean on an obstacle until it gave way, and I always had the impression that, in the end, the obstacle was glad to.

There’s a way that such a woman carries herself through life… not provocatively, not groveling, not begging or demanding. She simply walks with a sense of purpose.
Personally, I don’t know that I have this yet. It may take me forty more years to nail it, but it’s something to think about and to grow towards.



**If you ask any of my friends, they will tell you that I talk about men.
A lot.
I like men.
There’s no shame.
Of course, most of the ones that I like the most are dead, but there’s not much I can do about that.
Men are great.
Women are great as well.
It’s perfectly possible for all of us to be great… we don’t have to fight over a small corner of awesome.

This world is lousy with awesome.
There’s enough to go around.


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