“Patrick Stewart Day” Friday

Today is River Song day, everyone! I also declare it Patrick Stewart day… because he doesn’t have a holiday in his honor yet, and I think he needs one (the proof is in the pudding below).

1) Sex-Trafficking Survivor Is Changing the Definition of the Word ‘Pimp’ | RELEVANT Magazine.
Is it just me or do we like using the word “pimp” as sort-of a complement or a joke?
Also, is it me, or do we tend to sanitize the definition of words that we might be uncomfortable with?

2) Matthew Rhys to Star as Mr. Darcy in BBC’s ‘Death Comes to Pemberley’ | Anglophenia | BBC America.
I have not read this book… I probably should have done, but I read another rather unfortunate sequel to Pride and Prejudice which started out fine, but ultimately left a rather unfortunate taste in my mouth… something like metal.
Perhaps it was blood.
Not to name any names, but it was “Pride and Prescience: Or, A Truth Universally Acknowledged” by Carrie Bebris.

Anyhoo, I’ve been rather fearful of picking up yet another P&P sequel, but now I may have to, because “Death Comes to Pemberley” is coming to the BBC… and bringing Matthew Rhys with it.
Ever since I saw his portrayal of a Byronic, yet murderous, opium addicted, psychopathic choir master in “The Mystery of Edwin Drood“, I’ve been something of an admirer… which, admittedly, makes me sound like a lunatic.
I assure you, in real life, I do not swoon over murderers, pychopaths, or drug addicts (or choir masters, really).
Rhys will be starring as Darcy, of course… which means that he might actually live to see the closing credits.

3) The Minister of Chance
I’ll be honest with you (which is usually what people say when they’re liars). The main reason why I decided to listen to “The Minister of Chance” was because of Paul McGann. I would listen to Paul McGann read “The Lord of the Flies” (which is quite a compliment, considering how I HATED “The Lord of the Flies”) and McGann’s voice absolutely made this series for me.

The eponymous Minister is a Time Lord, introduced in one of the Seventh Doctor’s radio dramas.
My favorite character is (not surprisingly) McGann’s Durian, who reveals himself to be… well… not entirely on the side of right, really. McGann’s gentle, refined voice has a way of taking on an ever-so-slight edge that is as deliciously delicate as it is deadly. Where another actor might start growling and chewing and clenching teeth, Paul McGann’s voice just gets softer and sweeter.
There’s a particularly chilling scene in which Durian blithely plays a childish game of “oh me, I’ve lost my keys behind your ears” with the child Princess… while her father chokes in the background on some sort of mysterious poison that Durian has released into the air.

I’m finishing the recently released fifth episode today, and depending on how upset I might be over anyone’s sticky end, I may write a review of the whole shebang.

I present the plushness below without comment.


5) Just in case I wasn’t already 100% hundred sure that Sir Patrick Stewart was a fantastic person, this video shall stand as irrevocable proof. During ComicPalooza 2013, he addresses his work on violence against women. I’m not going to summarize it, because it’s best expressed in his own words.


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