Some weeks are stupid.
Quite a childish sentiment, but really, I’ve never bought in to the whole, “NEVER EXPRESS WHAT YOU’RE FEELING FOR FEAR THAT SOMEONE WILL QUESTION YOUR FAITH IN GOD!!!!”
God and I both know that this week sucked, and my faith is not in the least shaken… mostly because my faith doesn’t depend on God giving me weeks that don‘t suck.
God’s job is bigger than that, and if the worst thing that happened to me this week was that I didn’t enjoy it much, I’m still doing okay.
That said, considering the last few days, I only have two things to say today.
They are not necessarily profound, although one thing is funny.

1) I learned this week not to talk about race stuff.
You know the stuff.
Not talking about it.
Once you reach a certain point, everything dissolves into personal opinions and observations, which is all well and good, but a discussion about differing opinions has no resolution, which makes it a pointless and painful conversation.
So I shall hereby refrain from talking about the stuff.

2) Blimey Cow
I’m not normally into slapstick, and Blimey Cow definitely has slapstick moments, but still… the name is BLIMEY COW.
And this troop of comedians appear to be Doctor Who and DC Talk loving homeschoolers.
And while Justin, Blimey Cow’s front man, appears to have major issues with selfies and high-fructose corn syrup, he also has great comedic timing and reaction faces that could kill entire cities.
So, Blimey Cow (otherwise known as “the one thing that made me laugh this week”).






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