“The Eighth Doctor likes Jello Pudding Pops” Friday

I willingly admit that I spent all day yesterday reading, watching British TV (is that allowed on the Fourth), and eating Indian food.
I did not go to a picnic.
I did not run outside to see the (sporadic) explosions.
I did do quite a bit of ironing.
All in all, I enjoyed my day very much, and I very much hope you enjoyed yours as well.

I am currently enjoying another day off from work, and am about to go antiquing (you know, outside with people and stuff), so I’m afraid you’re only going to get the top three from my list today.
You’ll be fine.

1) Never mind all that basketball stuff … if you want brackets, you can vote in Bill Cosby’s sweater tournament, and be just as satisfied! We’re already finishing up round two, so click fast, people. This is important!!
Sidebar: I was recently informed that Bill Cosby was considered as a potential Eighth Doctor in the 80’s. Depending on whether it was Cosby from “I Spy” or Cosby from “The Cosby Show”, I do have some doubts as to the success of such a venture.
Either way, I probably would have liked him better than Michael Jackson. “The Wiz” gave me nightmares aplenty (and still does, if I’m honest).

2) Siberia
Look, it’s fake, okay? It’s all… fake. We all have had our doubts of the reality of “reality” shows before, but you won’t get any points by pointing at this one and yelling, “Ohmystars, it’s all fake!!!”
We know.
It was, in fact, marketed as pseudo-reality (FAKE reality? Who coined that phrase?), anyway, and if you can get more than a few minutes into the pilot without realizing that they’re all acting, I will shake you like a maraca and ask you what on earth you were doing with your senses of hearing and sight.

Of course, just because it’s phony as a three dollar bill, that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, in a “I may quickly tire of this this, but in the meantime, they’ve just ‘injured’ a ‘cameraman’.” NBC is clearly having a good time with this as well.
I have high hopes for aliens or mutated bears or an insane cast member (giving you major side-eye, “Sabina”).

3) Wimbledon
When I say Wimbledon, I mean Sabine Lisicki, because she is a tiny blonde magician.
I’ve never played tennis (I live next to a tennis court with no racket, no appropriate tennis clothes and a horror of running into my neighbors), but I love watching the game, so the fact that I’ve had to turn off the replays in the mornings to go to work has been… very… very… difficult.
I need a minute.
Can I say tennis is my sport when people ask me about the Superbowl or the… (*needle scratch* what is it called?)…

… other thing that people get excited about (the name escapes me at the moment)? I’ll just breezily say, “Oh, I follow tennis”, and people in the Ozarks will continue to find me freakish.


One thought on ““The Eighth Doctor likes Jello Pudding Pops” Friday

  1. Your 4th sounds perfectly heavenly. Especially the Indian food (of which there is a paucity in Montana). And especially the reading. And especially the British television. (I was tempted to wear my Union Jack shirt that makes me feel like Rose Tyler, but didn’t.)
    I spent mine with a small percentage of my extended family (only 30 or 40).


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