Stupid Hot Friday

It’s hot, people.
With two t’s.
I don’t mind sweating in the course of a workout, but this heat is getting in the way of my leather jacket and boots and it’s upsetting.
In the next few weeks, I’ll be heading to Orlando, a city which is known for spontaneous combustion (at least, that’s what I hear).
I’m… concerned.
I’m really a sweater/ bonfire/ hot drink sort-of person and, as that sort-of person, I’m feeling a titch out of sorts.
Here are a few thing that are getting me through the dog days.

1) I like Thursdays. There’s just something so relaxed about Thursdays. Thursdays are the aviator sunglasses in the weekly wardrobe.
Thursdays are what Tuesdays could be, if Tuesday would just chill the heck out.
In “Happy Days” characters, Thursday is the Fonz.
No one says “hump day” and no one says “TGIF”… Thursdays can just be Thursdays, with no pressure and no expectations.

2) I’m realizing that, as I age (deteriorate… gather dust…), the more I appreciate the calming effects of tea. I know I’ve said it before, but when it’s hot outside and someone consistently gets in your face and tries to make you laugh, the only thing that keeps that stupid looking, dead eyed smile on your tea is the deliciously soothing cup of Loki tea in front of you.
Tea is that beverage that constantly whispers, “Don’t hit or yell.”
Tea helps you mask your inner Grumpy Cat with a layer of tanin-laced serenity.
Tea fools you into thinking that you’re in a mossy, slightly damp garden a blanket, with no bugs and an endless supply of thick books.

3) I have coped with the relentlessly sweaty onslaught by leaving open in my browser, and watching the rain drip off the leaves. Paired with, I can immerse myself in a deliciously cool sensory experience that keeps me from gouging out my own eyes in heated despair. If I turn on my space heater at work (no, wait, hear me out), I can almost fool myself into believing that the incessant brightness of the outdoors is just a prolonged flash of lightning during one of those delightful fall thunderstorms (that speak life and peace to my dry, hot husk of a soul).

I can’t take this. Someone should do something. Someone should come up with a plan to knock the sun just slightly askew. You know, just give the world a break for awhile.


9 thoughts on “Stupid Hot Friday

  1. It is also excessively hot in Montana, and not very many places have air conditioning. I am upset about this.
    Alas, it seems I am not going to General Council. I am upset about this as well.
    How on earth is Loki tea calming? Doesn’t it make you want to stab somebody in the arc reactor with a weird-shaped staff thing? Or to become burdened with glorious purpose and a terrible headdress?
    I tried out and promptly wanted to slap the lady telling me how to sit and relax in the face. But then I tried out and was instantly happy.


    1. I always mute the woman on… generally because listening to someone tell me to relax instantly puts me on edge. All I want is the background and the sound of rain.
      Since I find the presence of Loki himself to be quite soothing (and I do mean Loki… I’m very relaxed during his scenes in “Thor” and “The Avengers”), I suppose that’s why the tea mellows me out.
      Now that I’ve said it aloud, I’m suspect that having such a reaction to an OBVIOUS villain may say something about my mental state.


      1. Hmm. I would be quite interested to know why you find him soothing. I find him quite the most fascinating character of any Marvel movie, but not necessarily soothing.


        1. I suspect (and this is unhealthy) that it’s his ability to control things. The heroes tend to come across as squirrelly and uncertain (or human, I suppose), while Loki is always completely resolute and thinking 15 steps ahead (except for he was quite shamefully beaten at the end of the Avengers).
          If someone else is in control, then I don’t have to be, and I can relax.

          Of course, I feel much the same way about Sherlock Holmes (and NOT Moriarty), so I’m not too far gone.


          1. Fascinating. I also love his ability to be fifteen steps ahead of everyone and have this whole complicated, intricate game he’s playing with them, as well as the fact that this means he completely doesn’t anticipate where they will simply sidestep his plans and do something entirely different (ever notice that Ben Linus is exactly like this as well?). But what I like best about him are his reasons, his vulnerability, the fact that he does everything because he doesn’t feel as loved and honored as his brother and wants to prove that he’s more worthy of love and honor than he. It doesn’t make him a secret good guy, but it does make him oh so dearly fascinating and huggable.


  2. rainymood may just be the best thing that’s happened to me today. I had no intention of making tea but I suddenly feel it’s exactly the right time for it.


  3. Tea cures everything. I have a white china teapot and I make a pot of tea (with teabags or loose tea) let it steep and then pour it into a china tea-cup with a saucer and it makes THE most specific, delicious and soothing sound possible. Then I drink several cups, and am soothed, calmed, hydrated and refreshed.

    Tea is the best. But only when made in a pot…the single bag in a mug thing is gross.


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