“Midday Plane to Florida” Friday

I’m absolutely hearing that title to the tune of “Midnight Train to Georgia”… and Gladys Knight is singing it in my head, wearing a blue sparkly number. The Pips are in bright white, which I don’t particularly agree with, but they sound smashing, so I’ll overlook the sartorial misstep.
You have to be gracious with your imaginary floor show.

By this time tomorrow, I shall be heading to the airport for a week long (working) trip in Orlando, Florida… I probably won’t do any sightseeing, I won’t have time for amusement parks, and I can’t swim, so I won’t be lounging on a beach… but I hear it might rain quite a bit.
And there’s a sushi bar in my hotel.

1) Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes
This is a deceptive lead in, for I’ve realized this week that the breathtaking and unfortunately late Jeremy Brett as ANYTHING beats most things about the face and neck (you know, things like eating and going to work).
Now that I think on it, he really does deserve his own post… and a statue… and a commemorative stamp.
I was consuming “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” on Netflix… but they’ve removed the series as of yesterday.
While I am so terribly glad that I can finally watch “Three Pigs and a Baby”, I would really rather watch Jeremy Brett sit in an armchair with his eyes closed creating magnificent finger tents.
But that’s fine.
That’s fine.
I don’t need cultured, dignified entertainment.
I’ll just sit, alone and weeping, while “Monkeybone” is offered up as something I might enjoy.
Now, this is the point at which someone will tell me that it’s just a TV show, and there are better things to be miffed about, and that Netflix owes me nothing.
To this I can only reply: “my tongue will tell the anger of my heart, or else my heart concealing it will break.”
Shakespeare said ‘at.

2) SOMEONE was “Freshly Pressed” yesterday.
I’m imagining trying to explain what that means to my grandmother… she’s very literal, so she may think that I have been laundered and ironed in some way.
I have to say, it was a SHOCK (not being ironed, of course… being FP’d), and one of those unexpected pats on the back that I was more than a little in need of yesterday, so thanks, WordPress!
I’m actually having a great time reading all the comments,

3) 144 Days Until Christmas
I can start counting out loud, right?
I mean, it’s AUGUST.
If we get started on our holiday card lists NOW, we’ll be in splendid shape for the season and can enjoy our eggnog and our fudge and our Christmas goose without fear or shame!
People who shall remain nameless can start saving up to buy me the complete Jeremy Brett “Sherlock Holmes” collection now!
I’m trying to help you!!

Monday post will actually be my 200th (so old… so very old…) so there may (or may not) be something special under the tree.
Of course, by special, I mean strange and/or something out of the common way.
I don’t mean special as in a special appearance by Gladys Knight.


12 thoughts on ““Midday Plane to Florida” Friday

  1. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is gone??? Darn it. I should have watched that instead of Psych. I’ve been in love with Jeremy Brett for years. He’s the reason I became a Sherlock fan.

    I’m counting down to Autumn first: 51 days. I already started listening to my Autumn playlist on Spotify. And I’m making an Autumn blanket. I’m having to tell myself NOT to get my Autumn decor out yet.


    1. It was gone then, and IT IS STILL GONE… and every single blessed episode is available on YouTube (otherwise I would be flailing with rage). I’m a little bit worried though, because I know he was very sick during the filming of the last two seasons (and then died), so I’m not sure if I can handle it.

      Have you seen Jeremy’s Brett “Rebecca”? That’s on YouTube as well, and it’s brilliant.


      1. I first started watching Jeremy Brett’s Holmes in the later seasons, and I didn’t know that he was sick and had gained weight from medications and things, and I hated him. I thought he was a really awful Holmes. But then I found out about the sickness and went back and watched earlier seasons, and he was marvelous indeed at the beginning.
        I’m trying to remember if I’ve seen his Max de Winter. Probably, as I love that story and have watched every version of it I can get my hands on.


        1. The only other version that I’ve seen starred Laurence Olivier (who is not one of my favorites), and I also rather disliked the Hollywood twist on Rebecca’s death. The 1979 BBC version was something of a revelation, and now I have to read the book.


          1. I liked the Laurence Olivier version (Hitchcock, after all), but it may not be the best representation. Have you seen the Charles Dance version? Quite good.

            The book is quite incredible. The main character is an intriguingly introverted, overly imaginative, slightly pathetic little thing, and her description of Maxim at the beginning is purely lovely.


  2. “You have to be gracious with your imaginary floor show.” Awesome. I actually think that’s very gracious because most often my imaginary floor show features me. And here I am publishing that admission for everyone to see.


    1. Ha! I guess the nice thing about being your own floor show is that you can always throw flowers and money and give yourself a standing ovation.


  3. That’s so awesome, re. the Freshly Pressed bit.
    I am desolated that I am not able to go to General Council. I’m still holding out a smidgin of hope that someone will unexpectedly deposit $1000 in my lap for the purpose, but I don’t really think it will happen.


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