Khan, Cookies, and STL Friday

I FINALLY went to the “dollar” theater and saw “Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan Edge of Darkness”… Benedict Cumberbatch was, per his usual, an absolute revelation, I found myself slightly ambivalent to a number of the main characters (because Benedict Cumberbatch), and I could not for the life of me figure out why the women weren’t wearing pants.
Mini-dresses are not work-appropriate, ladies, nor are they practical, considering that you’re on the one ship in the galaxy most likely to crash, fall into a black hole, or get blown up.
You’re going to need to run, and keep your dignity at the same time… I highly recommend trousers.

In other news, I am heading to St. Louis in a few hours, and I am extremely excited, not because I have any great love for St. Louis (because… well, let’s face it… you’re a bit icky, aren’t you), but because I’m spending the weekend with two old college friends.
I mean “old” as in “not new”… none of us are old.
We’ll get there, of course.

Would you like to see something awesome?
Presented without further comment.

My heart… because… it’s all… squished… too… can’t…


2 thoughts on “Khan, Cookies, and STL Friday

  1. I believe the minidresses in this iteration of the franchise are an homage to the original series, but I totally agree with your point. Pants, or at least skirts that hit the knee and some bloomers. Sheesh.

    And I’m pretty sure I just fell in love with Mr. Hiddleston after that video. You know. Again.


  2. “Benedict Cumberbatch was, per his usual, an absolute revelation”
    This is so absolutely true. Every time he’s in something, it’s just…new.

    I love St. Louis. It’s a beautiful city. And there are all kinds of free museums and parks and things.


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