Fever Post

*written on Monday, whilst dying of allergies*

I sit, heavily medicated (because of allergies), and I think to myself,

What is going on with all of these GNATS?!

I can’t stand it. They’re everywhere… and my entire office pretends that they can’t see them.
I get it.
It’s funny.
Chuckles aplenty in this place.
But there are risks, you know, if that’s the way you want to play it.
Fair warning.
It’s all fun and games until they attack en masse, clog your lungs and kill you, and then feast on your decaying corpses.
But don’t worry about that.
You just keep blowing in the bulldog’s face, folks.
That will serve you well.
Me, I’m going to be wearing my hazmat suit, sitting at my desk and getting my work done.
Because I’m a forward thinker.
No sir, I’m not going to have MY flesh chewed by billions of tiny flying insects.
Not this guy.This guy has a plan.

In other news, my frontal lobes hurt and my vision is all blurry.
Why can’t I have winter?!


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