Rose-Colored Aftermath Friday

Sometimes, I just want to thank television for being so good. I caught the premiere of “Agents of Shield” on Hulu Wednesday night, and let’s just say that I had to turn the captions on because I couldn’t here the dialogue over the sound of my broken, impassioned weeping.
It was beautiful.
I was really happy to see J. August Richards, which surprised me… I hated Gunn on “Angel” (nobody gets between Fred and Wesley in my book), but I liked him very much.
I’ve been walking around for the past two days with official rose-colored glasses on.
Go ahead, spit on the sidewalk. Everything is permissible until this all encompasing warm fuzzy wears off.

1) I’ve mentioned before how much I love Crash Course, yes?
And Sci-Show and Vlog Brothers and HankGames.
I don’t have an addictive personality, but MAN… those Greens are like drugs.
Nice ones that are available under the counter.
Wait… is that how you say it? Under the counter? That sounds sketchy and incorrect.
Anyhoo, I’m supporting Crash Course on Subbable, so I feel like I have a stake in this bit o’ fabulousness.

— Stan Muller (@crashcoursestan) September 27, 2013

The internet has voted, and I am Hermione Granger, owner of the world’s best sweaters.
You doubt me, don’t you.
Don’t lie.
“I can smell lies.”
Not even my own sister believed me when I said it, so I copy and paste the results of an internet quiz as irrefutable proof:

“You are Hermione from the Harry Potter series. You are smart, witty, and love a challenge. You use rationality and reason in all things. You are measured and stable and you don’t let people push you around.”
That’s really only MOSTLY true… I do tend to let people push me around a bit, and if memory serves, so did Hermione (*cough* Ron and Harry *cough*).
A number of my friend took the quiz as well, and an odd number of us are magical and/or really smart.
If you take the quiz, feel free to leave your results in a comment.
I promise I won’t judge (being Hermione, and all)…

3) Prepare to be killed by aliens.
Richard Branson is going to start letting people with more money than sense poke recklessly about in space, which we all know, considering human nature, is a fantastic terrifying fantastic idea.
I suppose, being a bit of a country mouse, I’ve never fancied the idea of space travel… I saw “Apollo 13.”
I saw a certain portion of “Alien”… I had my hands over my eyes.
I saw “Sci-Fighters.”
For the uninitiated, an alien crawls into a man’s open wound and forced him to assault people while talking like Cookie Monster.
The horror.

4) Pandora has a Halloween Party Station
… and if you can stop the genome from getting confused and trying to play “Billie Jean” or anything by Harry Belefonte (because we said HALLOWEEN music, Pandora), it’s actually quite a good time.
The only bad thing is that I’m beginning to question my decision to never watch “Little Shop of Horrors”… the music is insane (although occasionally off-pitch, but nobody’s perfect).

5) I’m writing a short story.
Well, to be 100% clear, I’m writing four of them… four creepy short stories for Halloween.
I’m really excited. I’m not excited enough to use exclamation points (there are things dignity won’t allow), but just take my (very low key) word for it.
I’m excited.


6 thoughts on “Rose-Colored Aftermath Friday

  1. I wanted to be Hermione, but I came out as Galadriel. I suppose being a wise, grave, and beautiful Elven queen isn’t such a bad thing, even if she did start out a bit bonkers. But then, so did Hermione. I mean, the Hat put her in Gryffindor instead of Ravenclaw. If that’s not bonkers, I don’t know what is.


    1. I think starting out bonkers is a prerequisite for ending up as brilliant.

      I joined Pottermore just to be sorted into a house… and I got Gryffindor. I was disappointed.
      Part of me wanted to see if it was possible to be sorted into anything BUT Gryffindor.


      1. I would tell the Hat very firmly that I was not going anywhere but Ravenclaw and no way was it to put me in Gryffindor. I’d even take Hufflepuff. I have Hufflepuffy tendencies that I try very hard to hide.
        But then I’d never be able to figure out the riddles and things to get into the Ravenclaw tower (riddles and I are not friends), and I’d be constantly stuck outside, like Neville.


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