My breakfast was terrible, and my computer is broken.

I don’t understand oatmeal.I think, “I’ll have a healthy breakfast this morning”, and I start forcing this glue-like mess down my throat, trying not to gag.
It didn’t always taste like this!
And the texture!!! What is that?!

My Macbook has decided to fall on its sword unexpectedly.
This will not do, as I have a work project that can only be completed on THAT computer.
I was going to finish it today, but NOOOOOOOOOOO… my Macbook has to be a drama llama and suddenly decide that functioning in such a world as this is not to be borne.
If it wasn’t such an expensive nuisance, I would back over it with my car.

There are a number of good things that have happened this week, and my plan was to expound on them, but between a terrible breakfast experience, and a computer that is simply crying out to be thrown in a stump grinder, I’ve found that the video below is the only good thing I can give right now.


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