Oh, adulthood.
Considering the fact that I spent approximately ten minutes actually being a child… I went from infant to forty-year-old… you’d think that I would not still be struggling with the fact that, as an adult, you are not shielded from slings and arrows.
Who knew that adults had to deal with unexpected things?
I didn’t plan for unexpected things!
I was not informed!

In the midst of writing a series of short stories that I may (or may not) have published in a few weeks, the hard drive in my little laptop shrieked something about the infernal darkness of its soul, raced to the top of a cliff in Yorkshire, and sailed off into sweet oblivion.
To translate: it died.
Now, if I’m honest, I hated that computer with a passion that could have rivaled great lovers throughout time (this is the same computer that spontaneously junked a previous project), but… this is inconvenient to say the least.
My scribblings are safe, but as I am refusing to work on personal projects at work (and if my boss is reading this, I would like a raise, thanx), I am reduced to actually writing in a journal.
My cursive is lovely, but I can’t write as fast as I think, so several thoughts are lost, and my right hand is killing me.
I have recorded myself speaking, and hopefully will be able to transcribe my thoughts later, but I find the sound of my own voice to be like that rattling, whirling, scraping noise that my car makes whenever it’s warm, cold, wet, or dry.
I will probably never record audiobooks.

This was an unexpected setback, and if it had a face, I would slap it.
Oh, well.
I shall either rise like a phoenix from the ashes, or I’ll be drowning my sorrows this fall in hot chocolate and episodes of Sleepy Hollow.


9 thoughts on “Setback

  1. Sorry for the computer, I also watch Sleepy Hollow. So far it is okay, I use to be a Grimm fan but the show may or may not return. They killed it for me with so much time in between.


    1. I love Grimm, but I always have a hard time coming back after a break, particularly if I found other shows to fill in the time.

      I am completely charmed by Sleepy Hollow… but I’m beginning to notice the holes.


  2. I love your writing in this piece! I can feel your frustration and yet what you write is very comical, your metaphors are easy to understand, and I can relate to what you say. 🙂

    Good job!



  3. If, as we are told, hardship produces perseverance and character and all kinds of good things, this sentence is the diamond yours has produced:
    “the hard drive in my little laptop shrieked something about the infernal darkness of its soul, raced to the top of a cliff in Yorkshire, and sailed off into sweet oblivion.”


    1. *sparkle* Thanks! Hopefully, this particular hardship will produce enough diamonds for me to buy a new machine.

      Maybe I should buy an old typewriter instead.


  4. Really like the writing, thanks. It also explains the mangled bits of shrieking machinery to be found at the bottom of a cliff in Yorkshire.


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