“Beautiful Things” Friday

I’ve had Gungor’s “Beautiful Things” playing in my head all day (which, admittedly, has only been about three hours at this point), and I’m pretty sure that my internal soundtrack has to go with fall and soup.
It’s been thirty degrees every morning, and I’ve somehow managed to wear a coat to work and leave work without it, meaning that all of my good chilly weather coats are stored safely in my office’s coat closet. This does me little good in the mornings, but I’m so happy to not be sweating that any inconvenience is but a harmless gnat.I made vats of soup last night, and my clothing smelled sweetly of bacon (because there are soups in which bacon is a non-negotiable point).
It’s brisk, there’s soup, and I (used to) smell sweetly of bacon.

1) Scrivener
I’ve discovered Scrivener.
I say that purely in the Christopher Columbus sense, considering that it has been in existence for ages and oodles of people knew about it long before me, but I’m wearing a magnificent hat and therefore planting my flag and taking ownership.
Just consider yourselves fortunate that I’m not changing the name (nor am I carrying any lethally contagious diseases).
For the uninitiated, Scrivener is a writing platform that allows one to create outlines, storyboards, and write unencumbered by the bells and whistles in traditional word processing software.

I am extremely excited by the corkboards, because I have post-its stuck all over my desk at work, and they do tend to raise questions.

“Rosemary vs. Epilespy?
Eucalyptus, fennel, hyssop, pennyroyal, wormwood, rosemary, sage, and tansy
Do these herbs trigger seizures? Immediate or delayed?
Potential homicide.”

“Caffeine Poisoning: precisely how much caffeine is lethal?
Potential homicide.”

I don’t know… people start to get weird with you when there are post-its with the words “potental homicide” underlined on your desk. Now I can transfer these mildly suspicious notes onto a Scrivener cork board, and everyone will feel safe again.

2) Audible Crash Courses
No one told me about Peter Saccio.
If I had known about Peter Saccio, I would have applied to Dartmouth, been denied, and spent the rest of my life curled up in the backseat of my car, weeping and eating zebra cakes… all in all, my prior ignorance was probably for the best.
I’m currently listening my way through the “Be the Bard” course on Audible, which features (in addition to other offerings) two lecture series’ on Shakepeare’s writings, taught by the brilliant and fascinating Peter Saccio.
In addition to the joy of listening to a really smart person talk about Shakespeare, I also will get bragging rights which I shall post wantonly (and humbly, of course) on my social media.

3) “Grimm” starts back up tonight, and Nick is a “zombie.
This is probably temporary…  I mean, how long could you have an angry zombie detective running around Portland before people start to notice?
Also, I had no idea that zombies were created by having a puffer fish expectorate in your face, but then, where exactly could one expect to find reality when discussing zombies?**
I am pleased with this. I would be considerably more pleased if everyone would shift dance partners (can’t we just admit that Adalind and Juliette are with the wrong people?), but I guess the heart wants what the heart wants.
“Dracula” also begins tonight. My official position is that this show looks rather dreadful… but it’s the week before Halloween, and I’m listening to the Audible Edition of “Dracula” (because TIM CURRY), so I won’t lie to you by suggesting that I’m NOT going to brew a large pot of tea, scrounge up some pretzels and curl up on the floor to watch this train wreck.

** If you know of some horrible disease being cooked up by some shady shadow organization or another, keep it to yourself, yes? I’m quite happy not knowing.


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