“Weekends are Jerks” Friday

Oh, weekend.
You took your own sweet time getting here, didn’t you?
Weekends are really jerks, in their own way… ignore a body all week long, show up late, and expect a party. Every. Single. Time.
Ugh, weekends… I would quit you if I could.
But I can’t and I’m secretly glad you’re here and don’t ever leave me again please I love you.

1) Reading Nooks!
I strongly suspect that if I had a reading nook at work, my productivity would increase tenfold.
I would be a veritable blizzard of productivity.
I would produce the heck out of things.
I don’t think my boss reads my blog…
Here is my favorite:

















Doesn’t this just scream PRODUCTIVITY?!?! I mean, if you were my boss, and for some reason you happened to be reading my blog, wouldn’t you think, “Boy Howdy, wouldn’t Jessica be insanely productive if she worked here?”
You WOULD think that, sir… and you would be correct.

2) I have been yipping about starting a Sherlockian group for months.
Literally yipping.
I have been barking in a tiny voice about starting a Sherlockian group.
Now, if you’re an introvert, you understand that trying to move a large group of introverts in a direction that they haven’t chosen for themselves is a bit like trying to push molasses uphill… in January… in Wisconsin… but this downloadable PDF outlining the appropriate way to start a Sherlockian group might help.

3) Noah
I’m not a huge fan of Russell Crowe.
I like him well enough, I suppose, but generally speaking, his name is not a sufficient impetus to get me to a theater.
However, his name, plus HERMIONE and SIR JOHN TALBOT and a Biblical flood?
That’s an embarrassment of riches.

This film looks crazy (75% crazy-in-a-positive-way, and 25% mildly psychotic).

4) The Return of the Ultimate Sass.
I think we all know how I feel about Paul McGann.
Other than his general exquisiteness (exquisitivity? exquisitude?), his Eighth Doctor has grown into one of my favorites, thanks to his Big Finish audio adventures. All of those factors combined to produce a bit of weeping (quite a large bit, really) during the brilliant “The Night of the Doctor” short.
We all watched that, didn’t we?
We didn’t?
Well, here!!!

Chills, and weeping, and chills…
NOW I am excited about the 50th again.
I’m really very easily pleased.
Throw a smidge of Paul McGann, and I’ll buy into anything.


3 thoughts on ““Weekends are Jerks” Friday

  1. Whooooo. That Noah film looks utterly amazing.
    I didn’t used to like Russell Crowe, but over the last couple of years I’ve seen him in quite a few things, and the more I see him, the more I am completely impressed by him. I think it started with watching him in 3:10 To Yuma, which I recommend to anyone and everyone, regardless of whether you like cowboy movies or not.

    Also….Eight. *haz happiness*


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