A Close Shave

Look, don’t judge me about last week.
Last week got ugly in a way that only the week before a holiday can.
If I was a farmer, all of the animals would have been simultaneously giving birth and coming down with hoof-and-mouth disease… which, in my mind, is the animal version of the zombie virus.
Don’t disillusion me.
I have so few illusions…
The fact is, you didn’t miss anything much… any posts would have been sobby and incoherent (“love is for fools and hard things are hard“).
It happens.
Even Mr. Spock freaked out and started to cry, which was both heartbreaking and really embarrassing to watch.

But that was last week. THIS week, I have beheld a glorious thing, and no… it wasn’t the Doctor Who 50th Special… I shall behold that tonight, and probably take tomorrow off of work so I can compose myself.
I’m pretty sure that my boss does not read my blog.
Anyway, I love a good straight razor for a least two reasons. One, they’re small enough to carry in one’s purse.
Sidebar: Is straight razoring an assailant legal? I’m asking for a friend.
Two, I have always been fascinated with old fashioned barbershop shaving techniques.
Not for myself, obviously… there’s precious little hair on my face… but for the hirsute among us, this is for you!!

I enjoyed that on a level with defies description.
Now, there is a little commercial for Dos Equis at the end because sponsorship, I suppose.
My suggestion is that you not attempt to straight razor yourself if you’ve been drinking anything but water.
Don’t even drink coffee.


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