How Great Our Joy

SO… since I’m writing about joy today, I thought the best thing to do would be to fall down in my apartment parking lot… wearing a dress… carrying things made of glass…
The glass didn’t break, but that added to my irritation level considerably.

When people ask me how I am today, I plan to say, “Wet.”

I think we all know at this point that I love Christmas, and I love winter, but the third week of December is generally when I want to start enjoying my winter and Christmas from the seclusion of my home. There’s been caroling and incessant baking and performance after performance intermixed with Yuletide work deadlines, and now, in the words of that whiny idiot Santa (from “The Year Without A Santa Claus”), “Great North Star, but I’m tired.” I’m so tired that starting to run out of words to speak aloud, and I can fall asleep at the drop of the proverbial hat.

Last year, this really bothered me. I thought it said something (something snide, of course) about my level of Christmas spirit, like I couldn’t keep up with the Elf on the Shelf (is it just me, or is that little thing Grade A nightmare fuel?).
This year, I have determined that this feeling is a bit like the pleasantly exhausted feeling you get after doing something… well, pleasantly exhausting. I’m glad that I have so many opportunities to dress in concert black and memorize oodles of traditional music and consistently run out of butter and flour (it’s always butter and flour… never eggs…). I’m glad that I have acquaintances and friends who want to celebrate, and even if I get a trifle owlish when the juice starts to run out, I’m (usually) rather glad that I came. I’m glad that my Christmas shopping is done, and I haven’t had to walk into a real live store to do it (HA HA!!!).

I’m glad it snowed so much this year, and despite still being a bit grumpy (and wet) due to icy residue this morning, I can say I’m I’m glad I did yoga yesterday, because not landing on and breaking both of my wrists required a level of flexibility that I might not have had if I had fallen Sunday morning.I’m glad that next week, I’ll get to close up my office and sleep in until 6am EVERY DAY!!!
I’m glad that we have a really good, concrete reason to celebrate that isn’t limited to something as subjective as one’s personal feelings about the season (see what I did there?).

So there, horrible creepy elf.
I can do this whole joy thing as well as the next guy.

I think, at this point, I can safely say that I am glad for very nearly all the things (which, considering what a wobbly year this has happen, that is quite the miracle).


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