First Friday

And… we’re off.
At this very moment, I have not eaten breakfast, and I’m staring hungrily at a tiny menu from a gorgeous new food truck called “London Calling.”
I stand in need of a pastie.
Smoked ham and potato, perhaps… or sausage rolls.
I can be flexible.

1) The Return of Sherlock Holmes
And no… I am actually not referring to Benedict Cumberbatch.
It’s a truly rare moment that doesn’t include a Benedict Cumberbatch reference.
Believe me, I’m as shocked as you are, but I imagine that in the forthcoming weeks, there will be many Benedict Cumberbatch references, so we’ll just let the anticipation build for now, yes?
BBC 4 Extra is broadcasting a series on Sherlock Holmes, beginning with “The Empty House.”
Funnily enough, this broadcast comes hard on the heels of the premiere of Sherlock’s third season, opening with “The Empty Hearse”. Coincidence?
I’ll let the folks at home decide.
Anyhoo, this might stave off any cravings for the new season of Sherlock if you’re unable to watch it now.

2) An Adventure in Space and Time
I’ve finally watched this tribute to the beginning of “Doctor Who”, and it was lovely and oddly painful, and what was with the Matt Smith Easter Egg?!
I mean, I quite love Matt Smith, but the show is about the Doctor… it’s not about one rubbery man with a strong face and irresistibly silly hair.
It’s starting to smell like obsession in here, and I don’t mean Calvin Klein’s.

Anyway, Jessica Raine is wonderful (as were her clothes), and Flich Shansheeth Blue Solomon David Bradley was a brilliantly irascible William Hartnell… just when I was longing to give him a smack, he would suddenly turn and be sweet and increasingly confused. Sacha Dhawan continues to be Sacha Dhawan.
I’m glad I was able to see this special before the end of the year (technically during and a bit after the end of the year, but I think my point was made). I began 2013 by watching Doctor Who (“Rose” and the fantastic “Smith and Jones”), so it seems fitting that I began 2014 in the same manner.
I also rang in the New Year with homemade Zebra Cakes that were not homemade by me.
They were huge and delicious and I’m still very hungry (what with the whole “not having breakfast” issue).

That’s the end of my list.
It’s not that I only liked two things over the past few weeks… I’ve liked all sorts of things, really, but they’re all the nebulous, weirdly personal kind of things, like realizing that you actually have a decently sized group of friends that aren’t rude or uncouth or stupid, or that you’re a modern day Disney Princess because you can make friends with animals of all sorts (haven’t tried snakes… someone bring me a snake), or that the wretchedly pointless relationship residue that has been hanging around your neck like an albatross (or a millstone… I don’t think an albatross would willing hang about one’s neck) has dissipated, and you’re feeling quite healed again.

One thing I didn’t like, though: “The Time of the Doctor”.
I’m sorry, I tried, but loyalty can’t make chicken soup out of chicken… well, you know the rest (and if you don’t, Google it, because I don’t like to talk about such things).


2 thoughts on “First Friday

    1. I Googled it! That word exists! Maybe it’s the California spelling.

      It’s available on Amazon ($5.99) and iTunes ($4.99)… no renting yet, I’m afraid.


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