Friday Spotlight: The A21 Campaign – 21 Ways to Get Involved

So let’s just say that you fell asleep (as one is wont to do) and stayed asleep for a full eleven hours.
Your body apparently couldn’t have waited for the three day weekend, I suppose.
You jumped the gun, body.
Next time, wait for my mark.

The A21 Campaign is an anti-trafficking organization that focuses on prevention, protection, prosecution and parternerships. This organization is responsible for a number of “restoration facilities” in Europe, have been involved in several trafficking convictions, and is currently developing anti-trafficking school curriculum for the US.

One question that I usually have for organizations who want support is “What precisely are we supposed to do, besides donate money and follow you on social media?” As important as the money is, sometimes it’s too easy to follow an organization on Twitter, like them on Facebook, and send them $5… you can do all of those things and never fully engage.

The A21 Campaign answers that question in spades with their list of 21 Ways to Get Involved. My personal favorites are 1) Write a Letter and 7) Send Stuff (gift cards from Target, Wal-Mart, and IKEA can be sent to shelters or to the US A21 office), because who wouldn’t like a gorgeous longhand letter, and gifts cards are useful, practical, and easy to pick up. I could set aside five dollars every time I go grocery shopping, and then mail a gift card for that amount at the end of every month. It’s quite easy, and yet I’m still accomplishing something.
All of the ideas on this list can be tailored to whatever you might feel moved to do, and the point is, as always, to actually do something (other than sitting around shaking our heads in disgust, of course). A21 has a host of resources, such as a free downloadable prayer guide, as well as jewelry and t-shirts.

I have noticed that no one ever sells blazers.
I find that disappointing.
Embroider your logo on a blazer, and I’ll be all over it like a cheap suit.
Oooh, or make a pair of cufflinks. I stand ever in need of cufflinks.

Also, when you have a bit of time, visit Slavery Footprint, and calculate how many slaves “work for you” (i.e. made the items that you use every day). At the end of the survey, there’s an opportunity to email various corporations and request that they made ending slavery a priority.


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