Friday Spotlight: End It Movement – Shine a Light on Slavery Day

Shine a Light on Slavery Day - February 27, 2014
Shine a Light on Slavery Day – February 27, 2014

February 27th is Shine a Light on Slavery Day.

I’ll be honest, there’s a large part of me that finds even typing that sentence ridiculous, because I just can’t wrap my mind around how people don’t know that slavery still exists.
Between new organizations springing up, and major corporations forced to do damage control (I’m looking at you, Victoria’s Secret), and commercials and documentaries and prayer movements… is it really that people don’t know?
How much more light is necessary?
Does the sun actually have to go nova?

But then the psychologist in me kicks in and reminds about how herd mentality works. People who know but don’t really care will often learn to care when they realize how many people around them care.
Ergo, End It Movement‘s Shine a Light on Slavery Day.

On February 27th, (hopefully) millions of people will write red X’s on their hands, and post them on social media with the #enditmovement hashtag. People will wear hats with red X’s, and t-shirts with red X’s, and online profiles will suddenly be sporting red X’s. Posters will be plastered, photos will be shared.
People will ask questions, and those with the red X will tell them that 27 million people are still trapped in slavery (you’ll notice that the number has not changed from last year), and while a red X doesn’t change the facts, there are other things that we can do that will.

Because our job doesn’t end with wearing a red X for a day. There will still be work to do on February 28th… but maybe your X will inspire someone else to investigate and get involved.
That’s the point.


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