2014: My Year of NO.

I didn’t watch the Grammy’s last night.
This is usually when people say something like, “But you like music!”
That is a fact, although hardly a conclusive argument in favor of the Grammy’s.
I also like sushi, but I don’t watch fishing shows… unless we’re talking about River Monsters on Animal Planet.
That’s a whole other kettle of… well, you know.
I didn’t watch “The Sound of Music LIVE” (as opposed to “The Sound of Music DEAD“) with Vampire Bill last month, because as much as I love music and as much as I love “The Sound of Music”, I just didn’t want to see it.

I also didn’t watch Downton Abbey last night.
“WHAT?! Why?!”, you ask, aghast?
Because I had a great weekend and didn’t want to be saddened by Anna Bates’ rape storyline.
I know people in real life who have been raped… I’ve seen rape plots before… I’ve spent quite a bit of time researching state laws regarding rape and, recently, I’ve been studying the term “rape culture.”
I didn’t want to watch a rape storyline for “entertainment.”
I’m sorry.
I wouldn’t have watched Sybil suffocate with a dinner plate in her neck (well, that’s what it looked like), either, but that one caught me off guard.
Whether or not this plot has redemptive qualities has yet to be seen (by me, at least… I realize that other, cooler people have already seen the entire season), but last night, I wanted to continue enjoying the last few hours of my weekend.

I’m not watching “Helix” anymore!
I’m not going to open my blinds if I don’t want to!
You can’t make me sing/dance, eat/drink, play the piano in front strangers!

Last night, instead of torturing myself, I listened to the wind howl and watched “Target Earth” (1954) for the second time.
And it was glorious.
This year, I am practicing the art of “Not forcing myself to do things for no good reason.” I tend to add values to things and then feel guilty or unproductive for not engaging in said things.
If I would rather go to sleep then watch a show, then I shall do so.
If I don’t want to go to a party, then I won’t, and I’m sorry but I won’t make any apologies (except for the one that I just made… I’m trying to get out of the habit… difficult).
If I don’t like a book, I’m not going to force myself to read it. Such exercises only serve to make me angry, and I do very much dislike being angry.

I am an adult!!!!
I make decisions for myself and I don’t need to justify them to the public at large!!!!!!!
I don’t owe it to the world to watch “American Idol” or “Glee” or some sappy girl/woman movie!!!!!
This is my year of NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

It’s not a Grumpy Cat “No”… I’ll say it nicely, probably with a head tilt and a smile, but I will be saying it.


3 thoughts on “2014: My Year of NO.

  1. I applaud you for being able to step away from Downton. It’s probably a good idea this season. Last night’s episode almost seemed to get a bit better, but it’s still absolutely heart breaking.

    Personally, I’m hoping to learn to say yes occasionally this year. A couple years ago I decided to stop saying yes and basically take a year off from helping with/doing anything I wasn’t absolutely required to do. I think that, in turn, helped me to crawl back a bit into my introvert shell. Not that I’m not okay with that, but when the idea of doing anything I’m not being forced to do causes me to go into panic mode I start visualizing a future of not being able to leave my home without an inhaler or being sedated. All the same, I’m all for saying no to something that people think I should do just because it’s the thing to do.


  2. Good for you. I’ve been learning to say ‘No’ a lot too. I’ve adopted a similar approach in that I invest my time in things I like to do rather than things I feel compelled to do. I don’t read books unless they interest me. I also don’t watch tv anymore. If I want to see a tv show, I watch it on Netflix. Added bonus: no commercials. I don’t feel as though I’m missing out; I feel much more in control of my time and I can do things I enjoy guilt-free. All I’m missing out on is fodder for water-cooler conversations and I’m fine with that. It’s quite liberating to choose what to care about.


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