Go home, Monday.

Monday has positioned itself to be a truly hateful wench today so, in an act of sheer self-preservation, I am hunkering down with work and “Iron and Wine.”
Please note the quotation marks.
I do not mean that I’m snacking on a handful of kale and a nice Beaujolais.
I don’t want any comments about office drinking.

I have already used a significant portion of my daily allotment of emotions in a ranty phone call (8:02am – 8:07 am)… I threw my arms about a bit in a fine display of mild temper (those observing laughed… something got lost in translation, apparently)… I’ve had no breakfast, will have no lunch, and I did not bring tea, my only excuse being the little man who lives peacefully inside my brain who occasionally decides to burn the mother down has been trying to kill me for two days now and I’m a titch off my game.

I have made coffee… despite the fact that my palate has adjusted itself to the point in which too much coffee will make me physically ill.
I figure it’s all one today, since I’m already physically ill.
If anyone has any week old sushi that you’d like to share, you might as bring it by.
Bring me your ancient avocados and your questionable boiled eggs.
Might as well.
Down the hatch.

Let face it… today is misbehaving, and the gif below is just about the only thing getting me by.

Ah, Bruce Boxleitner…**

Also, the linked article about all the things that people should stop saying to introverts is quite nice as well.





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