Get Out of My Game!!

I love hidden object games.
I especially love hidden object games that allow me to pretend to be an FBI agent.
I ESPECIALLY love hidden object games that allow me to be some sort-of fantastical creature on an epic quest that shall ever be spoken of in hushed tones around the campfires.
I will spend good deal longer than I probably should clicking around and straining my eyes, because I love hidden object games with a passion that burns hotter than 175 degrees.

What I do NOT love is this incessant and irritating push to include my friends… or people that I don’t even know… for no other reason than that the game demands it.
Why do I have to include other people if I don’t want to? Why does this have to be a group thing? I’m a pixie on an epic quest, with an owl and a strange rabbit-like creature and a horde of in-game helpers! Why do I need to add random people?! I don’t need any random people!! Where is the value in that?!

This isn’t real life, after all.
In real life, if I were an FBI agent (or a pixie), I would have people… hand selected, highly skilled, like-minded people. Should there be an apocalypse, I have a whole list of people and we will escape the city and fight off the gangs of local warlords and will form a commune somewhere safe.
Teamwork. Band of Brothers. Rah rah and so on.
But this is a game!!! A game in which I want to relax and immerse myself in the endless clicking of things!!! I do not want to chat, or give gifts, or receive gifts or share my in-game victories on Facebook!! If I wanted to be playing a game with my friends, I would be playing Words with Friends or the Star Trek edition of Settlers of Catan (HI, KELSEY)!!!! I am enough of an adult to know when I want/need other people and when other people are superfluous to my game enjoyment!!!



2 thoughts on “Get Out of My Game!!

  1. Angry Birds Friends is the only online social game I play. Otherwise, any time I get an invitation to join a game I hit ignore on all future notifications for that game. I will not play your annoying social games and I will not give or receive gifts that help with game play. My Angry Birds inbox is full of free gifts that I refuse to accept. So that little notification keeps sitting there blaring at me and I keep refusing to click on it. My only reason form my one social game is because there are only 2-3 of my FB friends who play it; one of them is really good and it’s always a goal to beat them, another not so good so it’s always a goal to easily beat them.

    Obviously, we need to plan a game night soon. Not this week, tho. We already have plans to go over to someone’s house on our one free night this week to play a different version of Catan.


    1. Next week? I’m out of town over the weekend, but any other night (that isn’t Tuesday, because “The Originals” is on) would work for me…

      Or really, whenever is fine (except for Tuesdays, because “THE ORIGINALS”), because other than work and and church, I try not to leave my apartment.


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