Parternship for Freedom Finalist: SafeNight

I was looking through the Partnership for Freedom finalists last night (as one does on Thursday nights), and I ran across SafeNight.
Has anyone heard about SafeNight?
Did we know this was happening?!
Read the blurb below, taken from the SafeNight website:

SafeNight will use mobile and crowdfunding technology to increase emergency short-term shelter for human trafficking survivors. By creating a mechanism that engages individual donors to fund emergency, on-demand hotel placements SafeNight will increase the availability of emergency shelter for human trafficking survivors; provide an opportunity for additional services and support to be offered by case managers; and provide data for the field, as a whole, on the real needs for shelter.

That’s insane.
Those who download the app and register can donate a night in a hotel for someone who has been trafficked, or is a victim of domestic violence… if the shelters are full, people will still be able to take a shower and get a good night’s rest in safety. I love this idea because we always hear about shelters being forced to turn people away… people who have finally been able to leave dangerous situations. Shelters are a great solution, but they’re only able to help as many people as they have beds, and we all know there aren’t enough beds. However, there are tons of hotels with tons of beds, and (hopefully) tons of people who are willing to help provide one night of safety.

Partnership for Freedom will select 1-3 winners from the finalists this month, and grants will be awarded for them to develop their ideas. SafeNight already has an app, though, so check out the website, download the app and see what they’re about.

You know… if you want to.


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