I’m Alive!

image005Ah, sweet delicious freedom.
One week ago Monday, I finished the last final for my graduate program… promptly turned off the computer… curled into the fetal position… and fell into a sleep mimicking death.
Now, my coma was partly because I was a trifle under the weather, what with nature being rather a hateful wench in the spring, but it was also partly because I haven’t been able to easily and completely sink into the arms of sweet Morpheus (NOT LAURENCE FISHBURNE, THANK YOU) since I started grad school last year. Even during holidays, plotting was required and working ahead was needed and I was, entirely by choice and mostly contentedly, buried up to my hairline in due dates and projects and work.


But now… it’s over.
I have done it.
Do you know what this means?

I can marathon episodes of “Forever Knight” for lazy days upon lazy days, without worrying that my lack of studiousness is going to result in failing a class… and thus failing my degree program… and consequently failing in life at large… which (of course) would snowball into eventually being forced to live in an intricate system of labyrinthine tunnels that run underneath the city and house mostly homeless people, plus one ginormous lion person named Vincent (who sounds suspiciously like Ron Perlman).

If I’m honest, that is not my worst-case scenario.
Nowhere near it, in fact.
My worst-case scenario involves spiders, Pennywise, and James Franco… but my best-case scenario involved graduating.
And I have done that.
SO, now I am free as the proverbial… erm… free… thing… to get back the business of regularly writing nonsensical blog posts, learning Spanish, studying shipwrecks and Hadrian’s Wall, sewing my own trousers (because people with the proportions of giraffes are devilish hard to fit), and looking into the possibility of starting a tidy little consulting side-business (emphasis on tidy, emphasis on little).

For today, however, I’m pretty much just going to sit here and watch “Forever Knight.”
Broody, Canadian vampires are the best.


2 thoughts on “I’m Alive!

  1. You wrote a great read, Jessica. I’m in the car with my hubby who is listening to a SACRED audio book, so I refrain from laughing too loudly. I’m Hee-hawing on the inside, though. I am super happy for you, and very proud with you.


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