“A Book in 30 Days” or “How I Shall Drive Myself Mad in November”

Well… I have news.
Not big news, mind you… I haven’t adopted a tiny kitten or a pygmy marmoset… I haven’t discovered a new doomsday meteor, and I had no part in discovering Superhenge (and fighting off the multi-limbed, tri-throated subterranean creatures bent on destroying us all [the Doctor and I agreed that we should keep our names out of the history books for that one])… but I do have a bit of news.
I’ve signed up for NaNoWriMo.
*commence immediate panicked floundering, but in a low-key, sloth-trapped-in-peanut-butter kind of way*

The part of me with chronic writer’s disease thinks, “50,000 words, eh? Just lock me away for a few weekends and let me have at it.” The part of me with a job and a strangely active social life thinks, “Dear GOD, why did I commit myself?! I will write RUBBISH, and then all of the perfectly brilliant people who participate in NaNoWriMo will say, ‘There she goes… that horrible woman who writes rubbish. How very dare of she to attempt to join our ranks!!!!’
Sure, that may sound overly dramatic, but imagine Minerva McGonagal saying it.**

Tell me that you didn’t break out into a cold sweat.

I’ve decided that the best way to make sure that I don’t get halfway through the month, realize that I only have 2000 words and all of them are in mangled French, slowly close my laptop with a strangled sob and gigantic, teary, slow loris eyes, and proceed to ruthlessly berate myself for the remainder of the year for being a horrible, rubbishy quitter is to tell you lot. After all, I started this blog for writing accountability, and dagnabbit, YOU WILL HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE.


At present, I’m working on the concept for my novboo… erm… thing, but I’ll be throwing out all the updates once I’ve cranked through the sundry story bits in my brain.
Question: can one write a short story anthology for this, or is that cheating?
Does anyone know?

**I just want her to love me. THAT’S ALL I WANT. *SOB*


8 thoughts on ““A Book in 30 Days” or “How I Shall Drive Myself Mad in November”

  1. Mwahahaaa. Brilliant.
    Ahem. It’s not called National Short Story Anthology Writing Month. The difference between a novel and an anthology of short stories is that a novel requires the sustaining of a plot and characters and cohesiveness and writing style through the whole 50,000 words. A lot of short stories would sort of defeat the purpose, don’t you think?


    1. Well… no, because the cohesiveness and writing style would be the same throughout, even across different plots and characters. All said, though, I’m probably going to save the short stories for another time.


  2. I disagree. An anthology of short stories can easily reference all the same characters and maintain the same style. Look at The Chronicles of Narnia for example- All written about the same world, mostly the same characters (or at least references to them), and the only real style changes are just the evolution of the writer’s style over time. But these are all separate stories that can and have been compiled into one large book. The same goes for Hitchhiker’s Guide, Lord of the Rings, the Ember books, and so on and so forth. It’s a thing. Write all your pretty little stories about your world and compile it!
    As for a note on style, even a novel in the traditional sense can have multiple styles used throughout.

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  3. Aw, it’s not *that* bad! I completed it in 2013. My first year. Last year I didn’t have the time. I’m all over it this year!

    I actually just did a post full of advice for first year writers.

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  4. Technically it is cheating, but fortunately, NaNoWriMo even welcomes cheaters. They call them rebels, and I can pretty much guarantee that you would not be the only one writing multiple short stories.

    I enjoyed your post. I’m sure I speak for all (or at least most) Wrimos when I say, “Welcome to our ranks!”


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