Everything is Different Now.

Now that I’ve written those words, the only thing I can think of is an Out of Eden song with those precise words.

The nostalgia overwhelms me quite.
*sigh* Those were the days, ya’ll… when I had terrible hair and barely spoke and always spilled coffee on myself.
Some of you may be considering a rude comment on the current state of my hair and I WOULD ENCOURAGE YOU TO EXERCISE SOME RESTRAINT.

These days, I rarely drink coffee.
I drink coffee when I’m desperate… or when it’s Pumpkin Spice Latte season.
I owe you no explanations.
I am not sorry and care nothing for your heavy-headed nutritional rules.

These days, I speak more frequently but still dislike the exercise as a general rule. If I sounded more like Vanessa Redgrave or Viola Davis, I would blather on without ceasing, but… the sound of my own voice brings me no joy.

These days, I am married, and my husband is a lamb.
Not in a literal sense, of course… were he a literal lamb, he would be considered terrifyingly huge.
I like him very much. He is an immensely superior human.

These days, I have a new job (same camp, different position), a new last name (one of those old Scottish warrior names, too), a new degree, a new extended family, a new perspective on the relative position of boots in the pantheon of footwear and, as you may or may not have noticed, a new name for my blog.

Surprise, I suppose.

Now, with all that said, I won’t promise any major changes in the tenor of these posts. At my core, I am still a bit disgruntled, still a bit of an alien, still trying to work out why on earth humans do what they do and, considering the current state of the world at large, I am unlikely to evolve into something a more sanguine creature that sits awash in the sweet giggles of innocence… but given the number of significant recent events, a bit of redecorating seemed the order of the day.

Ta-Da, as it were.
Welcome to The Vulcan Register.


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